学习与游戏相遇的地方.小红 is a co-ed early childhood program created specifically to promote learning through inquiry, discovery, 读写和计算能力. 我们的教室采用瑞焦艾米利亚哲学, 这就考虑到了老师, 孩子要与教室合作,创造独立, curious, 以及快乐参与的学习者. 

“我们的孩子天生好奇. This sense of curiosity and wonder applies not only to the students, but to the teachers as well. 每年,老师和学生一起踏上一段旅程. A journey led by curiosity, interest and occurrences that take place as the journey unfolds.” 
     ——Alice Wetzel,早教协调员 

Our 小红帽学前班 节目适合2 - 5岁的儿童 小红婴儿/幼儿 这个项目是为我们社区中最小的6周到2岁的孩子准备的.

Our teachers support the growth of the whole child with a focus on 21st century skills. 我们的教育工作者, 从只有几周大的幼儿开始, 介绍和示范包括独立性在内的技能, 信心, 创造力和协作. 他们观察和分析所有学生的互动, then plan and create a learning environment to guide each student as he or she progresses. 这让我们的学生有机会亲自动手, authentic learning experiences at all times either in our indoor spaces or in our outdoor classrooms and gardens.

This comprehensive and innovative approach sets our students up for intellectual and personal success by establishing a strong foundation of academics and a love of learning.



Reggio Emilia

所有的孩子都有天生的好奇心, 倡议, 创造力和开放的心态创造有意义的体验. 


The classroom is enhanced by regular exposure to the natural world through the Reggio-inspired playground, 边远地区和花园项目. 了解更多


Preparing your children for kindergarten and beyond by developing skills for the 21st century. 了解更多




我们的自然教育项目, 受到雷焦艾米利亚方法的启发, 在孩子和自然世界之间建立终身的联系. 

The most genuine learning happens when students are engaged through hands-on experiences. By planting a butterfly garden and watching a caterpillar on milkweed grow into a chrysalis and transform into a butterfly, 我们的小红人探索大自然的生命周期, 从此,对动物和自然界的热爱就产生了. 


孩子们学习食物循环, science and the environment through planting and 收获 vegetables in their gardens.

The Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy in our 小红 program emphasizes learning through the natural world. 我们的学生亲身体验食物循环, 种植花园,科学与环境, 收获, 准备和供应蔬菜(胡萝卜), radishes, kale, 青豆),这是一场共享的社区盛宴. 好处:因为孩子们在这个过程中投入了太多, even our pickiest eaters are willing to experience new flavors and try all of the vegetables. 收获之后,我们的孩子们会在沙拉吧举办派对!



无论天气如何, 每周小红衫军都要去边远地区探险, 五英亩的树木, 湿地和小溪. 到处都有发现:落叶的嘎吱声, 绿色苔藓的湿润, 春天里花开的声音, 洁白的雪地上神秘的脚印. The Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to learning encourages curiosity and hands-on experiential learning. 


As children begin to learn about symbolic representation, self-portraits are a great place to start. 

As children start exploring the world around them, a great place to start is with themselves. 在Reggio emilia启发的哲学中, 自画像帮助孩子们理解象征性表征. This creates an opportunity to discuss who we are as individuals in relation to the world around us. 



我们的小红人探索教室之外的世界, 从RPCS的创新空间到当地的图书馆和杂货店, 鼓励社区合作. Relationship building and teaching empathy and compassion are key components of the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach.


The 小红 playground is a carefully designed space that is an extension of the classroom.

我们的孩子在操场上攀爬, 跳起来跑, 还有阅读, write, learn, explore, 创造艺术. 这是一个与人互动的地方,也是一个与自然世界互动的地方. We select greenery that encourages visits from butterflies, insects, hummingbirds and squirrels. 我们把喂食者挂起来,希望能找到长着羽毛的朋友. 我们有分解的木头和岩石,让孩子们翻过来找虫子, 蜈蚣和其他动物. 此外,我们在各种天气外出:温暖、寒冷、潮湿、下雪. 所有这些不同的季节元素都在发挥作用, we constantly have new and exciting learning opportunities to explore seasons and nature’s life cycle. 



The Reggio Emilia-inspired approach at 小红 harnesses the children’s interests to build critical thinking and developmental skills. 在我们很多家庭都在寒假旅行之后, the students pored over maps to see where they went and then created maps of their own, an intentional exercise that encourages fine motor skills as well as mental imaging and spatial representation.



在小红人的教室里, 没有两个艺术和工艺项目是相同的, 因为我们的老师计划和提供材料, 但不是最终产品. The Reggio Emilia-inspired approach encourages students to come up with their own artistic vision and plan. The result? Beautiful, 原创的艺术作品,鼓励精细运动技能和强调创造力, 个性和创新理念.